Our Services

The main services we provide are as follows;.

Media relations

The media – newspapers, the radio and television – gets information across to the public. We can use the media to distribute your public relations strategy to potential customers.
We monitor television and radio programmes and provide feedback on suitable programmes for you to sponsor. We will choose TV and radio programmes that are suitable for you, depending on the nature of your business.
After you have sponsored any programme we have recommended we will give you feedback on the results or benefits of that sponsorship.

Tanz PR Business Consultation

Corporate affairs and public affairs

  • Corporate affairs: We can help you by dealing with organisations on your behalf, expressing your interests and portraying a good image of your organisation, products and services.
  • Public affairs: We can help you produce strategies for communicating with various audiences – private companies, government agencies, the media, public organisations and the general public. We can also help you get involved in the community to maintain customer relations.

Research and Training


We are involved in research and training programmes in key universities in the UK.
The training we provide includes short courses for management staff who can travel to the UK. The courses are also ideal for executives and other people at management level, who will have the opportunity for company and cultural visits to the UK.
The exciting short courses are designed for both national and international professionals. They aim to provide an understanding of current business issues.

International Marketing

International marketing

We can help you break into local and international markets and ventures. We can help you manage your relationship with customers in ways that benefit your business.
In Tanzania, we help clients to redesign products, including packaging and labels, to suit customers’ needs in local and international markets.


We can help with strategic brand management – designing and creating a brand, or developing an existing brand. We can also help your business to grow and help you use your brand to attract customers and create market value.

Business Meeting

Crisis and issues management

  • Crisis management: We can help you to anticipate and prepare for possible events which may disrupt your business and important customer relations. We can give you advice on matters that you should concentrate on to avoid misunderstandings within your organisation or the general public.
  • Issues management: We can help you to identify matters of concern within your business, and problems with how you are perceived by the public, and take appropriate action.

Business Support Associates

Why use us?

We understand the business cultures, preferences, regulations and laws in Tanzania and the UK. Also, through our extensive knowledge in business and public relations we have created good business networks.
In Tanzania we help people to start up in business by giving them strategic direction, including how to raise finance.

Tanz PR

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